Synthetic truth, natural lies

Interesting title, huh?

This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to anyone in today’s world. We live in a society with an unnatural amount of input of information. News channels, social media, podcasts, YouTube, news websites, etc. The list seems to grow daily.

I grew up in a time where all of this was in the infancy stage of existence. TV and newspapers were still ruling as primary mediums but were slowly declining from the zenith. The evening news was the highlight for most people during dinner and family time. Personal devices interfering with this neo-American past time were no issue. Therefore, we easily relied heavily on the information given by these teams of people with local celeb status on our local channels.

Fast forward a short decade or two…

We now have gobs of new places to look for what’s going on in our world locally, nationally, and internationally. It’s all accessible now through our personal devices.  It’s quite convenient.

Well, I recently did what I’m sure a lot of people have done, and watched one video on YouTube which turned into a rabbit trail of video after video after video of conspiracy theories. They’re interesting to say the least, and many had compelling evidence of the respective topic they suspected were conspiracies. But the main ones that caught my attention were montages that were assembled using mainstream media (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, abc, and especially Brian Williams as an individual) clips of reporters getting caught lying. Full on, flat out fibbing. I’m sure that doesn’t shock a lot of people, but it really bothered me because it makes it hard to decipher if anything they say now is truth. I’m not implying that I ever expected perfection out of media and not ever hear an occasional unintentional lie, or slight bend of truth. But when you see these montages it’s more than unintentional misinformation! It’s blatant lying.  Here’s just one video I watched regarding Brian Williams.  Some of you may have already known about this but it shouldn’t make it any less impactful.

“Well, what’s your point?”, you may ask, “Everyone knows the media lies and misinforms.”, you may reason. My question is when did this become acceptable?  When did the media, or whoever is calling the shots behind the scenes, decide it was best for us that truth isn’t good enough nor beneficial? Obviously not everything broadcasted is a lie, but we have to consider the bigger picture. If they are willing to lie about one thing, there must be a goal for them to get us to focus on.

“But you’re just being paranoid and a conspiracist.”, you may imply. Let us reason more about this then.

A simple rhetorical question can get us thinking in the right direction.  Why would they lie?…  Entertainment value?  Ratings?  Race baiting?  Global agenda?  Is the need for an answer to this question even valid?  In my opinion, it is a definitive NO!  I wouldn’t suggest wasting time on looking for an answer…  The rhetoric, for me, has helped loosen the grip of trust that I have had in our mainstream media for worldly updates.  The more I think about it the more I feel myself coming to my senses, as if I’m being de-programmed from a way of thinking that was subliminally uploaded to my consciousness throughout the years by people I don’t even know.

Stick with me and let’s switch notes for a sec, then come back to the “lies” part…

As a believer in the Jewish God(יהוה), Jesus(ישוע), and the Holy Bible I unabashedly and undeniably believe every detail, every jot, every tittle, every word, and all things in between to be the unshakable truth of The Living God. Believing is one thing… but understanding is another that is gained through study, meditation, and revelation. To believe this way means I must adjust my misunderstanding to fit what the truth is. That means if I see something contradictory in God’s word there has to be an explanation that matches the unchangeable truth. I have to settle in my heart that I won’t always get it right and that I must be the one to change my view when that happens, and not change the truth to fit my view.  If I do not feel the need to change and align myself to the truth, then it is not wrong to say that I would expect the truth to change and align with me. Savvy?  That may already turn a lot of you off to the rest of this blog entry but bear with me, please.  I am only trying to help you think for yourselves.

Why do I feel it is important to believe the way I do about God and the Bible being the unchangeable, unshakeable, undeniable, and many more UN—-ABLE’s?…  Because for the simple fact that there has to be only one absolute truth.  “How could you possibly know what you believe is the absolute truth, you speak of?”, I’m sure the offended reader would ask.  Well, my answer to that is irrelevant for this particular blog entry.  My goal in saying that is to bring the very nature of the word truth to the forefront of your mind.  This word in and of itself is an absolute.  A lie, however, is not an absolute.  To explain further, you must understand the concept of what truth is.  Truth is not debatable.  It is what it is and nothing can change it.  How I perceive truth does not change truth.  You can not bend truth and it not become a lie.  Truth goes beyond what is seen and felt, and even what we believe to be truth.  In essence, there is an ultimate truth that is fixed and unchanging.  I can keep going on this but I hope the little bit mentioned has helped at least spark your interest of examining the concept of truth.

So, getting back on track to the mainstream media falsehood.  There has been an example set to influence people to not only believe lies, but also to become liars themselves, accept the lies as truth, and spread the information like a virus. If you argue that this is a croc of crud and don’t believe it, I pray your eyes will be opened for your own sake.  To further reveal my intent, I am not trying to lay out every lie told so that we can weigh the balances and determine the level of evil we’re dealing with.  I want to see people set free from the debilitating disease of not being able to think for themselves.  Even some of the new news people I have watched on YouTube such as, InfoWars, Next News Network, and Israeli News Live, do not have my full trust.  If I see a topic intriguing enough to investigate I will do so in a manner that gives me the ability to make a decision for myself.  This is not cynical, nor hateful, it is natural.  What is unnatural is turning to your favorite news channel (or wherever your trusted source is) and watching it as if they will never give you anything but the truth.  This unfortunately also goes for the pulpit at church, too.  I am fortunate to have a pastors and a mentor that I trust, but the church as a whole has let in the wolf in sheep skin and has listens to every word he says.

Ultimately, the point of this entry is to try to get people to understand the need for truth, and to hopefully allow lies to become abhorrent and completely unacceptable to them.  There is a war against truth unlike ever before.  People have just shrugged lies off as something normal and acceptable, but at their doing so they allow the lies to be a part of their lives and they allow the lies to continue.  Do not become part of that society.

Psalm 51:8, “Surely You desire truth in the inner being.  Make me know wisdom inwardly.”

Psalm 4:7, “Wisdom is supreme! Acquire it!  With all your acquisitions, get understanding!”

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