Every day is priceless 

Good morning, my brothers and sisters in Messiah.

Be encouraged about the day Adonai has given you with the mercies therein. His promises are stronger than the foundations of life itself and are set to come to pass in their appointed time. Don’t be deceived in believing His promises are for your own selfish desires. ALL of His promises pertain to the betterment and expansion of His kingdom. “Seek first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added to you…”

Receive the revelation of your victory in Yeshua. Has judgement overcome mercy? Has fear overcome love? Has flesh overcome spirit? Has poverty overcome prosperity? Has depression overcome joy? Has sickness overcome healing? Has death overcome life? NO TO ALL! So in the essence of this, have we been left in defeat? NO AGAIN! Your God is God over the battle and has won it all with a swift blow of truth and devestation to the enemy! Don’t give up! What do you have to lose in waiting and resting under His wing? NOTHING! The day is yours if you stand at the end and give glory to the Name above all names! He fights for you for His namesake! Get out of His way!

Shalom is more than just peace alone. It is the understanding of our completeness in Him that establishes our peace. The Prince of Peace dwells in you.

Thank the God of your salvation for the day He has given you. Be blessed!

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