Dependence on God is the only true way for America to have Independence

Today being July fourth, is a time of reflection and celebration for our nation’s independence from Great Britain. The colonies were united and leaned heavily towards a notion of freedom that ultimately spawned the passion and belief that actually made it possible to undertake such a feat. But a good question to ask is, how could these people so deeply believe that? The odds of this rebellion actually succeeding against the world power of that day and age was probably incalculable. Could it have been a gross underestimation on Britain’s part that cost them the war? Sure. Nevertheless the task at hand for the Americans was nothing short of requiring devine intervention… and they knew that… they depended on that.

Nothing is impossible for God. Time and again, in Israel’s biblical history and modern history, we have seen the miraculous transpire in their favor. The nation that the hand of God covers can not be overcome by the godless. It is undeniable that the same hand of God that was upon Israel was upon the colonies of the Americans in their endeavor of independence. He conquered for them.

This nation was purposed by God. He founded it. He brought it out of the shadow of a tyrannical monarchy. It wasn’t just about taxation or political enslavement. It was about being free from a religious establishment that hindered a true heart of worship and faith that God Himself saw. THAT is what He wanted to prosper. Praise God for the love He has for those that love Him!

The aforementioned is our history, despite a growing number of people’s efforts to distort, pervert, and spit on it. This leads to the next point.

Consequently, there is an opposite reaction from God once a nation takes to the path of disobedience and sin against Him. Israel, once again, is an example of this. Despite multiple warnings God gave them through His prophets, they continued on their own hand hewn path of destruction, and they ultimately earned the reward of their labors. Now, here’s what is a scary thought; if God would lift His hand of sovereign protection off of His chosen people, Israel, and allow them to be taken captive multiple times, and then ultimately dispersed throughout the nations of the earth, how much more so should we be of the understanding that He will do the same to this once great nation, He Himself raised up, known as The United States of America? He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, is He not? There are consequences for sin that not a single soul on this planet is immune to, let alone an entire nation.

{To the true church of Yeshua The Messiah-

God will never leave you nor forsake you(Hebrews 13:5, Deut 31:5-6). He knows who is His(Nahum 1:7). Perfect love casts out all fear(1 John 4:18). We are not of this world and will not partake of the punishment of this world. You are part of the Kingdom of Messiah(John 18:36).

Do. Not. Fear! Never fear!! Don’t waste a precious moment of time on fear! It is not for you! Do not neglect the great hope you have in Yeshua the Messiah! Mercy is your reward, not judgement! Rest in this.}

Lastly, there is always hope. Those who preach the good news of Messiah and obey the Living God will not have any blood on their hands. As the story of Jonah reveals, we are never to assume that a nation is unwilling to listen and heed the blessed warnings of God. Let us repent together from believing our nation is beyond all hope. Let’s hold fast to our faith that our Heavenly Father is a miracle working God and can restore our nation’s great dependence upon Him and the name of His Son! Amen!

Attached below is Dr. Scott Stewart’s, Pastor of Agape church in Little Rock, recent message regarding our freedom. He raises great points we should all hear.

With love and shalom,

– From Death To Life

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