The True Giver

[ This is a different post. This is how The Lord led me to write what He put on my heart. I pray that His Spirit plants the seed of truth in your heart.  – Shalom ]

Man: Praise your name Father! You are God of the universe and all things belong to you! Here, look as I give! Look at the homeless I have helped and have given bread to eat! I have blessed many in your name and shout your goodness to them and have done many things in your name! Blessed are you Father! What man have I faced that I didn’t give to or declare your Holy Name? Hear my prayers, Father, that I may receive more in abundance so that I may give more! More, more, more!

God: {silence}

Man: Look, Father! Listen to the sound of rejoicing as money and abundance flows! Your will be done, Father! More, more, more!

God: {silence}

Man: I have given everything I have, Father! I have made those around me wealthy and fed the poor. But now I have no food for myself and can no longer show kindness and blessing! I feel as though You have forsaken me and haven’t seen the things I’ve done for You! Have you not seen my giving? Have you not seen the great proclamation of Your Name I have spoken to others?

God: {silence}

Man: I have nothing now… nothing to my name… Your word says you bless those who bless others. You bless those who give. Am I in error, or is Your word wrong? Please, Father. Show me my error!

God: {silence}


Woman: I’m grateful, Father, for all things you have given me, but all I want is you. I am so grateful for Your Son, Yeshua. In Him I lack nothing. I can’t get enough of you, Father. Your goodness is overwhelming me right now! My heart is full and satisfied! I pray, Father, for the chance to pour out your love to others so that they may KNOW you, Lord! So that you can love them as you have loved me! Let them see Your Son in me, Father, so that the riches of Your love abound toward them! Be still my heart and desire nothing this world can give, for at my Father’s right hand are pleasures eternal! What value does money have to you, oh Lord? What sacrifice may I bring to appease You? I see the men that bring riches to your storehouses, Father, and I am grieved as Your Spirit in me is! Which of their hearts is true? Which of them has brought You what You desire? Reveal the deceit of their own hearts, Father, so that they may see their vanity. Also, Father, protect my heart from the same deceit. I’ve heard what is taught from the church’s pulpits. May the truth be revealed, Lord, that You account NOTHING of worth when done with a boastful heart. A heart of haughtiness and falsehood. A heart not connected to Your’s. Though they give in Your Son’s name it is of no eternal glory to them because of their dead hearts. My Father, may all I ever ask for is a pure heart to worship You with. A heart that You see and hear. A heart that gives expecting nothing in return! I truly want to give expecting nothing in return! Work that into my heart, Lord, as only you can! Work that into all the hearts of those who are truly Yours! Thank You, Father, for Your shalom. Thank You for the rest only You can provide in Yeshua The Messiah. I love You with all my heart!

God: Daughter, I see and hear you. Your tears hold more value than all the money ever made from the beginning to the end. Your obedience to My Spirit has brought you to truth. I will reveal all you ask, My Daughter. Keep praying for those that you see. I am a miracle working God and can change the hardest of hearts. You have brought Me all I want. A heart that I know truly belongs to Me. I know the heart of all mankind. Deceitful, wicked, lustful, and proud. Even those from the pulpit are no exception. They do not see that I alone can change them. I alone made the way through My Son. I alone can give them My heart.  My heart in them is what I honor. For I made a way for them to be radically changed into a new creation. A creation who knows it’s place with Me. I can only bless what is done from those who have My heart. For only those who have My heart do anything of worth to Me. Pray for them, Daughter. Pray that their hearts be broken so I may transplant My own heart into them. They can not obey my commands without My heart in them. I love you, my Daughter. You have stored up riches beyond measure with Me. You have blessed me this day!


The Word of God is clear that He resists the proud (James 4:6). The man in this story has given so much, yet God acknowledges none of it. The proud squander money everywhere else just as they squander it in giving to charity or church or to a beggar. It makes no difference to God where and how they squander it because He resists them. If He resists them He will also resist all they do, regardless if they do it in the name of His Son, Yeshua.

The woman displays all God wants and all He blesses, and all that holds eternal worth. What is done from that kind of heart is what God will bless and multiple. Do not be deceived.

Pray that God gives you His heart.

With love and shalom

– From Death To Life

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