Of Charlottesville, Racism, and Social Justice

It is quite disheartening to witness events such as what happened in Charlottesville, and what has spun off of its devastation. It is as if our present state has relapsed American society into the degraded state of our history’s Civil War. Yes, bullets may not be flying(yet), and infirmaries aren’t filled with limbless dying men, but at the heart of it lies a dreadful repeat of one of our nation’s darkest times, or at least the beginning thereof.

In personal reflections of this matter, there isn’t anything that is surprising. Just as when our Ten Commandments monument was bowled over with a car less than 24 hours of its establishment, it holds no shock factor. Sad thing, is it not?

Reflecting further, there is no question the actions and beliefs of white nationalism, neo-nazism, and racial supremacy are disgusting, vile, and abhorrent to anyone with even the slightest ability to think for themselves. It is a behavior that is primitive and only keeps in existence terms such as “dregs of society”. In the spirit of honesty though, and furthermore reflecting for comprehension of the entirety of the social issue, it becomes clear that a singular congregation of people can not be held wholly to blame. Neither the neo-nazis nor the protesters against them can leave the situation without an equal amount of blame. In school, if a fight between two students erupted, each would receive disciplinary repercussions due to equal partaking of violence. One may have provoked the other, or it may have just been retaliation as a reaction of self-defense, but nonetheless, each is equally to blame. No one may know who threw the first punch, and frankly, that will never matter. What matters is there are Americans who are losing a battle within themselves to be confident in who they are regardless of what someone else thinks or says about them. Hate is not racist or bigoted. Hate wants to be in everyone’s heart. Hate wants to spread like a wildfire through humanity in the hopes that humanity will tear itself apart. Watching the videos of Charlottesville should not evoke any differing thought from simply hate vs hate. The mind of someone who truly believes racism is evil shouldn’t see white vs black, it sees hate vs hate. Neither side wins. Refusal of accepting the narrative of “white vs black”, sold by mainstream media and other godless media platforms, will then allow proper perspective of the truth of “Hate vs Hate”.

Nothing good will come of retaliatory response to a provocative action. It will only incite wars, as times past have proven.

Of Social Justice

Social justice can not be fulfilled at the expense of someone else receiving social injustice. If there is a heart at all in anyone who truly desires social justice, they should balk at the thought of a single group, sect, or race of people being treated with a lesser, (or none at all for that matter), amount of justice. Yes, for example, the courts are unjust in various instances, and there is evidence that a lot of African American’s are treated unfairly in court systems. It is unacceptable and intolerable. But to be a person of social justice, and to rule out that other races do not receive unfairness to the extent that African Americans do in law, is to be a hypocrite regarding social justice, even though the truth may be as such regarding the level of unfairness to African Americans on trial. The levelof unfairness is not the issue at hand in the statement. The point is, the problem of unfairness in court systems, regardless of what race the person is who is being tried unfairly, is what should be paramountly tackled to someone who upholds the principles of social justice. But this seems not to be the case, does it?

The past clearly offends a lot of people these days. Even at the level of the current standings of social injustice, whatever they may be, it almost feels as if people are revived in believing that it presently exists on the same level, or even higher, than that of when slavery and the Confederacy occupied time and space in our country. This is only proof of the mental slavery people put themselves in. Let’s be clear that this goes for people of ALL races. Mental slavery is self-inflicted. It is shackles and chains made up of only lack of self-worth, self-degradation, self-loathing, and much more. Links are added to the chain when a soul harbors unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, and lividity towards one’s own past. It also can be forged in false love, greed, covetousness, etc. Racism is colorless once it’s festered long enough to lash out in violence. True social justice does not, and should not, exalt one group over another, in any circumstance,  and therefore it should also, in essence, be colorless.

There is great fallacy, not in a human’s actions, but in a human’s heart and mind first. Hate germinates in the mind and heart before resulting actions are birthed. This, too, has no racial preference. White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Jew… ALL are guilty of racism. Even if thoughts in the mind never culminated to an act of verbal abuse or physical violence, and so on, to a member of a different race, every race has committed racism sin in heart.

The emphasis of one race being treated more unfairly than another is the antithesis of social justice. This is not to denounce the truth that one race may be treated more unfairly, but again, that ultimately is not the point. We have squandered the spoils of our history. We all are to blame. All Americans are to blame. No one should be without penitence. This is, and always has been, and will remain for ages to come, far beyond politics. We have let go our inheritance as being ONE Nation, Under God”, and the whole world is watching with morbid curiosity. This great American collapse will only prove one thing… the power of hatred in the heart. These transpiring, heavily marketed events will manipulate, violate, and mutilate your heart and mind to think evilly of races opposite your own if you let it.

Before judging a situation as white vs black,  excavate your own heart and search deeper. You will, in essence, only find hate vs hate. Free your mind, Loved Ones.

With Love and Shalom

– From Death To Life