Why I Write

Last year I began writing. It was spurred by inspiration from a friend who already had his own webpage and a couple blogs posted. Up until that point I felt blogging wasn’t any different than posting on Facebook, except for that it is paragraphs instead of just a few words or sentences. My sister in law also had a blog several years ago that she would essentially write about the goings on with their family. I enjoyed them. As I read my friend’s blogs, I remembered something one of my High School teachers said regarding a book report I wrote. She wrote on my report next to the A she gave me, “You have a very analytical mind and excellent writing skills. Don’t let that go to waste.”

At the time, I took it more or less as just an accolade rather than life advice. Having failed two grades, getting a little bit of praise from a teacher was uncommon and my mind wasn’t on much else other than music. So, naturally, I didn’t give it a second thought. Truthfully, until recently, I only tried my hand at writing when tasked to do so as an assignment. It was solely obligatory and thoughts of doing it for fun and leisure was nonsensical.

Redundant to say that is not my perception anymore. Writing has become something to me I could never have predicted.

Here are my reasons for writing.

Explication of Thoughts

Everyone is different in how they deal with their thoughts. Some may paint; others may sing; some may exert irrational behavior because they can’t control their thoughts. I’m not exclaiming to know the depths of the psychology and sociology behind this, but I believe the world would be a better place if we all found our individual way to weave our thoughts with some form of media.

Writing has gradually become a necessity for my mental health. Not the “sanity” mental health, more like the brain function mental health. Ok, maybe partially for my sanity as well. With so much thought-degrading content in our society these days, it has become more imperative than ever to be able to effectively compose my own thoughts. Speaking to myself doesn’t work and is just plain weird(no offense to the weirdos who speak to themselves). Conversing with others about any particular thing can be helpful, but often diverts the path of a thought and can sometimes derail the originality of the respective topic. For me, this may lead to frustration about the topic, or worse, birth a full blown argument.

Writing allows me to ponder and meditate on a thought for virtually an undeterminable amount of time if needed. I can write all the way up to the crossroads of where what I do know and what I don’t know intersect. If I need to stop while in the middle of an essay to regroup my thoughts, no problem. It is very easy to come back later, reread up to the point of where I left off, and then continue with my composition (which I did precisely at this point in this article).

Why is being able to complete a thought important?— Again, as priorly stated, today’s world is very distracting. I don’t have any personal social media accounts and I still easily get distracted. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were professionally diagnosed with a minor form of A.D.D., but regardless of any attention impairment, I would put the main blame on our modern society. Having the ability to completely render a thought through writing provides fulfillment and accomplishment for me. Even in regards to the most basic of topics.

Creative Outlet

Being a musician who helps lead worship at church, I think it may be easily assumed by others that that automatically makes me creative. To a degree— maybe. But overall, I am not writing music or songs, I’m performing other’s material. That doesn’t classify as creativity in my book. Not that I don’t eventually want to get in the habit of songwriting… I just really haven’t developed it. So I need something else.

I am persuaded creativity is in all of us. Being made in the image and likeness of a Creator, it should be effortless to understand that creativity is hereditarily ingrained in the fabric of our existence.

Writing has no creative limitations. You can write about the specks of dust dancing on rays of sunshine, all the way to why kids like to eat their boogers. Anything and everything is subject to interpretation. It’s freedom. We may not be enslaved with shackles around our hands and feet in a tiny jail cell, but boy can we be enslaved in our minds. Writing seems like a whole new world to me; ripe with discovery, adventure and creative power.

To Share

I enjoy sharing my spiritual walk. As a Christian, sharing personal experiences and revelations can be very helpful for others. I have gained a plethora of useful insights from my brothers and sisters in Christ throughout my life. We are a community in Messiah and we owe it to ourselves just as much as we owe it to Messiah to help each other in whatever way possible.

If it weren’t for Paul’s letters the church would probably look a lot different in a bad way. Paul’s letters, to this day, encourage, exhort, and teach us. The Holy Spirit uses words written on paper thousands of years ago to aid us in the present age. I hope one day maybe something I write has a positive impact on someone else in need.

I also enjoy sharing experiences, such as my post Adventures in Furniture Buying.

For Me

Lastly, one of the main reasons I write is… for me. Every reason mentioned above brings it all to this result really. I enjoy writing enough to just do it for me and no one else. That may sound selfish, but it’s the truth. Even though I may share something about life or an experience, I truly don’t mind if no one else ever read it. Writing is something that is all mine. I don’t have to give it to anyone. I don’t have deadlines to meet. I don’t have a boss telling me what to write about. If I’m inspired to write about something, I do it.

“Don’t you do it for God?”, some may ask. Of course. I hope that my heart is in such good standing with God that my whole life and everything I do within it is for Him. Every breath, twitch, wink, step, word, and so on should be dedicated to the glory of Him. So, in essence, yes, I do it for God. However, I believe God allows us to take ownership of something and become good stewards over that blessing He has bestowed us with.

I would like to encourage everyone to find something for themselves like what writing is for me. Find something to do for yourself that you love and enjoy, and don’t set out to do it for others.



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