Every second counts

This will be a short post…

Every once in awhile I’ll get a quick word from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes they’re unexpected and seemingly random, but knowing that God does not do anything at random, I always trust that there is great significance to the blip of communication.

Just now, I felt the Holy Spirit communicate to me that, “Every second counts”. Receiving that message from anyone else but The Lord can prove to be ultra-redundant. But obviously when spoken by The Creator of earth and sky it immediately becomes a phrase to meditate on.

Every second counts

Let that sink in…

The all powerful, omnipotent, omniscient God who resides outside the realms of space and time just emphasized the astronomical amount of value He puts on one of the smallest measurements of time!

So what value does that put on a minute; hour; day; week; month; year and so on?

Lord, let that seed you just planted in me be rooted deeply in my heart, never to be removed. If you value every second, I want to value every second!! – Amen

From Death To Life

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