No Escape

Run where you may, as far as you can,

My eyes are on you, I have a plan,

My gaze will not leave your weary soul,

In the darkest cave, in the deepest hole,

With all your might you run so hard,

Trust me when I say, you can’t run far,

You think your running will lead somewhere,

But all you’ll find is that here is not there,

There is not your goal, as you’d suppose,

Here is what you desire, as you’ll soon know,

There is no height, nor depth,

No width, nor breadth,

My love is everywhere,

Everywhere that you step,

Every move you make, every turn you take,

There is no hiding, there is no escape,

I know no bounds, no space and time,

Could ever separate you from this love of mine,

Your stride is weak, I can tell, I can see,

Your heart will soon fail, just turn to Me,

I see your feet, bloody and frail,

Not much longer, they’ll surely fail,

You’ll stumble head first, I’ve seen this before,

But I promise I’ll catch you, you won’t hit the floor,

I’ve called your name countless times,

Just say mine once, I’ll make you mine,

Run back to me, just turn and go,

We will celebrate, here is your ring and robe,

Slow your pace, come walk with Me,

I’ll carry you for awhile, if that’s what you need,

My arms are strong, mighty to save,

They do not grow weary, I will not faint,

Look in my eyes, don’t you see now?

I will never leave you, no way, no how,

If you should decide to run again,

The chase is on, Myself I will send,

I’ll leave it all just for the one,

I’ll bring you back, consider it done,

“Welcome home!”, the angels sing,

Rejoicing in laughter and endless praising,

“Look, He’s done it!”, they declare about Me,

“He is mighty to save! Holy, holy, holy!”,

Strive no more, rest in My home,

I’ll serve you My best, I’ll give you Shalom,

I love you, My child, more than you can know,

I’m so glad your here, I’m overjoyed that you’re home.