Bible App Verse of the Day Series: June 29, 2018

[I have decided that I will occasionally write about the You Version Bible app’s “Verse of the Day”. Sometimes just reading or hearing a particular passage of scripture can be a nonchalant activity that we do daily. I humbly admit I am guilty of this. As believers in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, we have an obligation, not only to ourselves, but also to each other, to discuss and meditate on the Word of the living God. This is so that we can all cultivate the soil of our hearts and encourage healthy growth of the seed that is planted.]

“You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

-Isaiah 26:3

Shalom! Thank God for the prophet Isaiah (Yesha’ yahu for you Hebrew scholars)! The book of Isaiah is so powerful. It is thick with emotion! It is vibrant with God’s love and indignation for His people! One could easily misinterpret Isaiah as a book of threatening consequences for the people it’s directed towards, but I don’t see it that way. God proves His willingness to forgive transgressors and sinners in this book. His motive is to correct the course of His people to position them into a place of promise and blessing. God’s correction is never to result in condemnation, but always salvation!

What I love about this verse is that it proves true peace only comes from true trust in God. It is quintessential cause and effect.

Trust in God = Peace

God insists on provoking His people to trusting Him. He says, “Try Me! What do you have to lose?”

Unfortunately, faith has been misrepresented somewhat by the modern church. This next statement is not to throw prosperity under the bus, because it’s evident in scripture that God wants us to be prosperous. However, today’s “faith” is emphatically taught incorrectly. This may be opinion, but I don’t believe faith has one ounce to do with money or material affects. The reason I believe this is because there is nothing on this earth, not matter how valuable a human may claim it to be, could ever attain the worth of the least worthy thing in heaven. True wealth spoken of in scripture is ALWAYS directed towards our heart and it’s worth, and our relationship with God. All material things that follow should be considered a side effect of trusting Him. That’s not to say that someone who is monetarily wealthy and claims to love God has a better relationship with Him over someone less fortunate. My point is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Wealth does not equate or prove someone’s trust or faith in God. And vise versa— trust in God doesn’t always produce wealth.

So with that out of the way, true trust in Him produces shalom (שלום)! The value of shalom is immeasurable. It’s priceless! You can have all the riches in the world and yet have nothing if you don’t have shalom.

I always love using the example of when Yeshua and His disciples are on a boat during a severe storm. In the midst of panic and chaos, was The Master praying psalm 91 in a corner? No… He was asleep… Let that sink in for a bit (pun intended). That is our example. Furthermore, I can’t help but wonder if He ever would’ve woke up to calm the storm had He not been provoked by His disciples. I have no doubt that no matter what His decision, that boat was not going to sink.

Trust and faith, in the conceptual sense, are the exact same thing. In Hebrew, the word for faith is אמונה (“eh-moo-nah”). It’s root word is אמן, which is AMEN! (We’re not only saying “let it be so” when we say amen after prayer. We are saying “we trust you Lord! You alone are our foundation and rock! You alone are our provider for all things!”) Ultimately, the picture this Hebrew word is painting is to lean on; put full weight on; to trust and confide; to be firm and stable. If we lack faith, we lack trust. If we lack trust, we lack peace. We can not possibly know peace without trusting Him.

Lastly, this passage of scripture declares the cruciality of what our mind is fixed on. We trust Him because when our minds are fixed on Him, and therefore, we have perfect peace as a result. So, ultimately, the key to perfect peace is to keep your mind ever fixed on Him. All His ways. All His promises. All His goodness. All His patience. All His perfection. All His glory…

It is impossible to exhaust your mind of Him.

May His perfect peace embrace you like an infant day and night. May thoughts of Him become your obsession, because I assure you, His thoughts of you are His obsession.


-From Death To Life

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