The Words In Red

Sometimes I tend to really over spiritualize my search for scripture. I have never really been a “bible plan” kinda guy, so often I find myself wasting more time contemplating which passages to read than actually reading them. From Psalms to Proverbs; from Ecclesiastes to Ephesians, it’s difficult to just nail down a certain book to read through entirely.

However, this morning a miracle happened. I found myself reading scripture sequentially! Hallelujah!

I read in Matthew, chapters six and seven. The majority of the content is the very words of Messiah. As I read the words in red, no matter how old I get, I can always vividly imagine being one of His disciples within arms reach while He speaks. His words being carried by the very resonance of God’s voice into my ears and delivered into my spirit. I can imagine that back then, for the pure in heart, and those longing and diligently awaiting Messiah’s arrival, the first time they heard Him speak was the most reviving moment of their life.

I am reminded, when reading His words, that all of who God is was being displayed by His Messiah for all to see and observe. How restless is God for us?! Not only did He supply of Himself through Messiah the perfect interpretation of His Torah, but in that same Body, the perfect and final sacrifice for our sins. His plan for our redemption was flawless and irreversible!

The day approaches where the whole Earth will hear the voice of Messiah once again! To the pure and saved, it is the voice unto redemption and salvation. To the sinful and rebellious, it will be the voice of their reckoning and destruction.

The pinnacle of scripture are the words in red. Everything else in the Holy Book is the throne upon which they are seated. They will never be dethroned! Amen!

-From Death To Life

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