Just Throwing This Out There

I meant to do this a couple weeks ago…

In early March, I had a dream that woke me from my sleep.  It wasn’t the usual dream that is easily forgotten and details are spotty.  When I awoke I immediately typed it into my notes on my phone and then tried to go back to sleep. The dream went as follows:

I was in a dimly lit movie theater. There were a few people around me that I knew and some I did not know. In the row just in front of my row and two seats down to my right (which was an aisle seat), a young man I did not know began to convulse with a seizure.  Many people began to pray for his healing and were laying hands on him, or at least stretching their hands forth as I was.  In the middle of his seizure attack, he rears his head back to the person behind him and says, “Call Sandy!”.  My friend Jeremy was in the same row as I was, but was buried in his seat in prayer for the young man. (I later asked Jeremy if perchance he was aware of a young man with a condition like this and he said no.) I woke up not long after that.

When I tried to somewhat analyze the dream and ask the Lord for interpretation, I feel like the Lord was trying to tell me that the seizures were not physically related and the young man has been tormented since childhood by a spirit.  To this day, I am still unaware if “Sandy” is his mother, relative or friend, but I could judge by the feeling I had in the dream that she (or possibly he) was important to the young man.

I ended up calling out the dream at my church that following Sunday to see if potentially it pertained to someone’s life in our present congregation and no one responded.  My church has a LiveStream also so I didn’t rule out the possibility of the target person listening by that means.  Since then, I have been diligent to be aware of potentially meeting a person with the name Sandy.

However, as stated in the first sentence, I meant to post this here a couple weeks ago.  I feel like the Lord reminded me to do it, so here we are.

If you know of a young man who suffers from seizures and the doctors haven’t been able to determine a physical cause, and he knows someone close to him named Sandy, please feel free to either prophecy this to them or send them to me somehow.

The frustration your family has felt about this condition and the lack of answers is seen by God and He wants you to know to cast off the spirit of infirmity.  He will deliver him.

Side note: I am fully open to the possibility of me misinterpreting this dream. If you read this and feel strongly that the Lord is giving you a different interpretation, PLEASE let me know.

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