Story Time: Story 1

A time ago, A man was once given a book. This book told a tale of a mighty kingdom that was ruled by an even mightier king. This man was captivated by this book and became convinced that he was meant to live like it.

In all his reading of the book, he started to build and convert everything around him according to how he saw the kingdom in the book. He worked day and night, hardly resting at all, to construct his version of the told kingdom. As he was building, he invited all his friends and family into his kingdom to show them the way he perceived the kingdom as told in the book.

He convinced and recruited them enough to help him build and expand his kingdom, and they marveled at this man’s dedication to his mission, and his wisdom from the book. They said to themselves, “I want to be just as devoted to this thing as he is! Maybe someday I can start my own kingdom and have as many loyal followers as he!”

The man became aware of how people viewed him and began to believe and say to himself, “I bet the mighty king in the book would be pleased with me! Look how I’ve made things look around me! It looks exactly how I see it in the book!”

Still, day and night he worked tirelessly to instruct and encourage his followers to build and invite as many people into his kingdom so it can become as mighty as what he saw in the book. He would hold feasts and invite his higher-ups and assistants to dine at his table and they would get drunk on their own accomplishments and how many people they had invited into their expanding kingdom. They proclaimed their own kingdom as if it were the mighty kingdom as found in the book. How proud they became of the thing they built and the people they had become!

One day, a man within this expanding kingdom had the exact same book. He studied just as diligently as the first man but he saw things differently. He didn’t believe the kingdom the first man was building was a good representation of what was found in the book.

The second man decided that he would begin building his own kingdom but he knew he’d have to have followers to be successful. He began to recruit people within the first kingdom and shared his viewpoint with them and those who he recruited began to see it his way too! He eventually gained their trust and it didn’t take long for him to start building his own kingdom not far from the first man’s kingdom.

The second kingdom became as successful and maybe even larger than the first kingdom! The second man thought to himself, “I know for sure that I would please the mighty king in the book if he were to see what I have done!”

Eventually, the same thing happened within the second man’s kingdom as what he committed in the first, and a third kingdom was born. In fact, this same cycle continued within each kingdom until there were hundreds of smaller kingdoms within just a few miles of each other. Each kingdom believing that the mighty king in the book would be pleased with them and that their way was the right way to do what they found in the book.

One day, without notice, the mighty king from the book appeared but not many within the multiple kingdoms recognized him. As he traveled within each kingdom he found only a few that truly knew him and his kingdom that is mentioned in the book. Most of the men of which started each kingdom did not like the mighty king because he would feed the poor and was comforting those who were on the outskirts of each kingdom. Those who were rejected yet tolerated within the walls.

The mighty king was not pleased and did not recognize the kingdoms that were built even though many of the people proclaimed and believed their version was the kingdom found in the book.

He revealed himself to them as the mighty king in the book and the people became terrified! The mighty king rebuked each kingdom and the men who started each one! They became terrified of what they had done and that they never even knew they were wrong! He said, “You missed my kingdom and built your own kingdom according to how you saw fit! My kingdom is hidden and can only be expanded within the hearts of men! Not by buildings or by wealth! You have declared yourselves my servants but I do not know you and you do not know me! If you wish to learn and be a part of my kingdom, follow me and I personally will teach you my ways! I will reveal all truth to you about me and my kingdom from my book!”

Many of the people, including some of the men who built their own kingdoms, had heeded the mighty king’s words and they dropped everything to follow him and live according to his ways. But sadly, many of the men who had their own kingdoms refused the offer and many of their followers stayed with them, as they did not believe it was the true king. They only believed the book according to how the men they followed taught them.

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