Sharing Some Revelations: Part 1- Missing It

So recently I have been posting a lot on Facebook about some things lately, and I felt I needed to flesh out more of what the Lord has been showing me. These are some fresh revelations to me. I’m sure they may not be fresh revelations for others, but it is my hope that at least some will get a fresh revelation from my sharing of these things.

Firstly, please know none of what is to follow is to imply any condemnation. “Therefore, there is now NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Messiah Yeshua.” – Romans 8:1.

Yeshua is not condemning us, and neither do I! For the first time in my life, I have become saturated with so much love I feel like I have no other option other than to spill out what the Lord is showing me. Some of it can seem harsh, but if we know our Heavenly Father like we are supposed to, we know He rebukes and chastens the ones He loves! It is by His grace that He not only corrects us but also supplies instruction on how to walk out that correction! Obviously, let it be known, I have applied these corrections in my life and the fruit being bore of it has changed my life forever!

I am going to write these things into three blog posts but that by no means implicates disconnection from one another, nor do I want it to imply either of them is more or less important than the other. Also, none of this is meant to introduce some new “formula” on how to apply biblical principles. Some things can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit and I believe without any doubt that what I am writing about will require a personal revelation for each reader. So before you continue reading, please ask the Lord to open your eyes and mind. If you disagree with anything I have written, that’s totally fine with me. It won’t change my love for you! But will it change your love for me? Please understand that I am not proclaiming anything contrary to biblical teaching. I love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who is the Father of our Lord, Messiah Yeshua. No man comes to the Father except through Messiah, who is the Way the Truth and the Life. Here we go!

Missing It

Please check out the video below from BibleProject to learn a little Hebrew word background before you continue.

Did you watch it?? If not, you may not understand the context of what is to follow.

So… missing it is sin. It’s not just about the really bad sins like adultery, anger, and violence and the things that are obvious! What about the less obvious? The bible says that even just a little leaven spoils the whole lump (1Corinthians 5:6, Galatians 5:9). If we really love the Lord, we should be pursuing repentance (which is not just a one-time thing but is a daily choice lifestyle) in all things that do not please Him, which ultimately is what sin is. We are missing it in what pleases Him. Let’s draw back a moment in humility and really truly consider that we could be missing it as Messiah’s community/the church. If we can truly learn to accurately judge ourselves individually, then we should be able to truly judge ourselves as the Body of Messiah collectively.

For the sake of time and affectiveness, I will not try to list numerous sins. Let’s use the sin of comparing ourselves to one another as an example to hopefully prove the point I am trying to make.

I’m sure this is something a lot of us have to deal with. I am guilty of comparing myself to others and have been for a long time. No doubt it could’ve been caused by insecurities already existing within me, but let’s dive into another possibility- Church Culture.

Most churches have become very cliquey. Can anyone deny that? The fact that we have so many different churches in a single city should prove this, let alone the cliques within each individual church. If we all were truly preaching the same message and believed the same gospel, I HIGHLY doubt there would be a church building on seemingly every street corner.

How about idolatry? Those who are in positions of “full time” ministry have somewhat been idolized, have they not? Especially big-name preachers. Is this primarily their fault? No, not necessarily. Though make no mistake, some may know that is exactly what they are doing and have no desire to change otherwise. God help them. And what about worship bands and leaders?

We ALL have promoted this “rockstar” culture in Christianity. You may ask, ‘What’s wrong with our culture?’, and to that extent is why I want to emphasize praying that the Lord opens our eyes. Could this be a product produced by what we believe the gospel to be over what God intended it to be? If that is even possible in the slightest degree, we are missing it! Please pray about this.

As a former worship leader, I can attest to promoting this culture without hesitation. Let me gladly confess my own sin here in writing; I put on a yoke of false humility my entire worship leading life. With all honesty, I can look back and easily see that now; that I wanted to be known but I didn’t even really know that was a prominent motive in me. It was masked by what I thought was right because of our church culture. I wanted to prove how legit my relationship with God was by my gift. Not because I thought I was even a great worship leader, but because my gift became my identity in the church, and also the basis on which how I ultimately believed I was able to please God. I needed and wanted the affirmation of people. Again, could that have been due to my own insecurities? Obviously, YES! However, in the face of this kind of church culture, my insecurities were only being amplified by it! Who knows, maybe that’s just me! Though, I don’t think it is just me.

I said all that to make my point by raising one important question-  are we doing things in our church culture and not even considering that it may not be pleasing to God just because of how pleasing to man it has become? In light of the True Gospel, I struggle to find anywhere in scripture that it is a popular way of belief and living. Jesus made things clear by saying, “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter it are MANY. How narrow is the gate and DIFFICULT the way that leads to LIFE, and those who find it are FEW.” – Matthew 7:13-14. Are we just trying to popularize this thing? Are we making our decisions based on growing the numbers of butts in pews? Let’s get real with this, family!

Let’s consider that we may be missing it and trust the Lord to correct us!

Word of warning: I would advise you don’t pray and ask the Lord to show you if you don’t want to take this seriously! He will show you and from then on you will be responsible for how you respond and change or don’t change accordingly. Let me be an example. He has shown me and I am responding in His leading, and I do not care to ever go back to accepting things as the way they’ve been just because “this is how we do it.” I only care to know how God wants things done and He showed us this Way through Messiah!

If you would like to keep reading, the next blog is called- What it looks like, and False Gospels. Click here to check it out.


Nine Years

On this day nine years ago a very special event took place in my life. A deeply spiritual, and undeniably God ordained moment, shook the constructs of time and space. On August 29, 2009… my wife and I came into holy matrimony with each other before God and many of our closest friends and family.

This day was the fruition of a dream come true.

God is such a good god. He foresaw all things before our marriage, and beyond the fullness of our marriage, and knew the best and only woman for me is Abigail Caldwell (my woman in pink). He was gracious enough to give me a dream in the middle of the night to ensure my success of locking down one of the finest females to exist. Amen.

Even with clear, prophetic direction, I still had to step out in faith to attain my bride. As we all know, she was (and still is) highly out of my league. My ability to pursue her is a testament of biblical proportions of God’s grace. Even to this day I rely completely on the grace of our Heavenly Father to be the husband she deserves.

The past nine years have had its ups and downs (What marriage hasn’t?), and we have been through a lot as a family. But part of the foresight of what God saw in us included great achievement, love, and the will to overcome.


My love, my best friend, mother of my son— you are the only woman for me. Nine years has gone by quickly and I look forward to 1,000 more with you. I’m sure deep into eternity that feeling will stay the same. Even though we both believe strongly that God has big plans for us, whatever they may be, I want you to know that I would be just fine with the simplest life as long as we’re side by side.

You possess the graciousness of The Creator of the universe. I am in awe of the goodness of God that you are my wife. You have proven your love for me countless times. You have been my greatest supporter in my most down times. You have made me believe that God can “do it again”. God has used you to mend my soul. God has used you to prove His own love for me. God has used you show me my future. But most of all, God has used you as a covering over me. Your prayers are priceless. Your beauty is matchless. Your strength is endless because your strength is Yahweh. I value you above all things, second only to God and Messiah.

I love you deeper than I ever have before. Deeper than I ever thought possible.

Happy Anniversary, 👻🐻

-Love, Danny

Bible App Verse of the Day Series: June 29, 2018

[I have decided that I will occasionally write about the You Version Bible app’s “Verse of the Day”. Sometimes just reading or hearing a particular passage of scripture can be a nonchalant activity that we do daily. I humbly admit I am guilty of this. As believers in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, we have an obligation, not only to ourselves, but also to each other, to discuss and meditate on the Word of the living God. This is so that we can all cultivate the soil of our hearts and encourage healthy growth of the seed that is planted.]

“You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

-Isaiah 26:3

Shalom! Thank God for the prophet Isaiah (Yesha’ yahu for you Hebrew scholars)! The book of Isaiah is so powerful. It is thick with emotion! It is vibrant with God’s love and indignation for His people! One could easily misinterpret Isaiah as a book of threatening consequences for the people it’s directed towards, but I don’t see it that way. God proves His willingness to forgive transgressors and sinners in this book. His motive is to correct the course of His people to position them into a place of promise and blessing. God’s correction is never to result in condemnation, but always salvation!

What I love about this verse is that it proves true peace only comes from true trust in God. It is quintessential cause and effect.

Trust in God = Peace

God insists on provoking His people to trusting Him. He says, “Try Me! What do you have to lose?”

Unfortunately, faith has been misrepresented somewhat by the modern church. This next statement is not to throw prosperity under the bus, because it’s evident in scripture that God wants us to be prosperous. However, today’s “faith” is emphatically taught incorrectly. This may be opinion, but I don’t believe faith has one ounce to do with money or material affects. The reason I believe this is because there is nothing on this earth, not matter how valuable a human may claim it to be, could ever attain the worth of the least worthy thing in heaven. True wealth spoken of in scripture is ALWAYS directed towards our heart and it’s worth, and our relationship with God. All material things that follow should be considered a side effect of trusting Him. That’s not to say that someone who is monetarily wealthy and claims to love God has a better relationship with Him over someone less fortunate. My point is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Wealth does not equate or prove someone’s trust or faith in God. And vise versa— trust in God doesn’t always produce wealth.

So with that out of the way, true trust in Him produces shalom (שלום)! The value of shalom is immeasurable. It’s priceless! You can have all the riches in the world and yet have nothing if you don’t have shalom.

I always love using the example of when Yeshua and His disciples are on a boat during a severe storm. In the midst of panic and chaos, was The Master praying psalm 91 in a corner? No… He was asleep… Let that sink in for a bit (pun intended). That is our example. Furthermore, I can’t help but wonder if He ever would’ve woke up to calm the storm had He not been provoked by His disciples. I have no doubt that no matter what His decision, that boat was not going to sink.

Trust and faith, in the conceptual sense, are the exact same thing. In Hebrew, the word for faith is אמונה (“eh-moo-nah”). It’s root word is אמן, which is AMEN! (We’re not only saying “let it be so” when we say amen after prayer. We are saying “we trust you Lord! You alone are our foundation and rock! You alone are our provider for all things!”) Ultimately, the picture this Hebrew word is painting is to lean on; put full weight on; to trust and confide; to be firm and stable. If we lack faith, we lack trust. If we lack trust, we lack peace. We can not possibly know peace without trusting Him.

Lastly, this passage of scripture declares the cruciality of what our mind is fixed on. We trust Him because when our minds are fixed on Him, and therefore, we have perfect peace as a result. So, ultimately, the key to perfect peace is to keep your mind ever fixed on Him. All His ways. All His promises. All His goodness. All His patience. All His perfection. All His glory…

It is impossible to exhaust your mind of Him.

May His perfect peace embrace you like an infant day and night. May thoughts of Him become your obsession, because I assure you, His thoughts of you are His obsession.


-From Death To Life

No More Doubt About It… Defense Wins Championships

First things first… I stand corrected. My picks for the National Championship game was Clemson and Georgia. I pegged Clemson to win because they have a solid defense, but also because I don’t think anyone would refute they have a better offense than Bama. Enjoy.

This year in the FBS college football playoff, the four most deserving teams punched their tickets to the Sugar bowl and Rose bowl. Georgia vs. Oklahoma; Clemson vs. Alabama.

A long standing belief in the vast football universe is that “Offense wins games; defense wins championships!” College football has once more testified to that this year.

Out of all four teams, only one stands apart from its counterparts— Oklahoma. By far, hands down, unequivocally, Oklahoma has the best offense in College Football this season. But, comparatively speaking, their defense isn’t necessarily anything to write home about. The other three teams hold something in common that no one can argue against; each have great defenses. Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson all are attributed to playing solid, consistent defense.

The Georgia/Oklahoma game was epic. It can easily be said it is an instant classic. Oklahoma had a lot to prove in this game, and despite the loss, they sure did just that. They are no one to be trifled with; they can put up points on anyone… ANYONE. Including elite defenses. The first half, they made Georgia’s defense look mediocre at best. The bad part about that is we all know it’s not. In fact it’s stellar. Georgia’s defense is arguably the best in the nation this season. Come the second half though, the Dawg’s defense came hungry and ready to feast. They shut out the most prolific offensive attack in the third quarter. That’s huge. Georgia won the game in that quarter, if you ask me. Had they not shut Oklahoma out that quarter and had another shootout with the Sooners, there wouldn’t have been an overtime. The Oklahoma fans would be yelling “Boomer Sooner” in Atlanta, January 8.

I’m sure a lot of doubters will say Georgia got lucky with that blocked field goal in 2OT. Or with the coffin nailing TD run by Sony Michel. But make no mistake; you can not refute that Kirby’s defensive dawgs is what kept them in the game, and ultimately is who should be attributed with the win.

A low scoring affair was the expectation of the Clemson/Alabama game for most people. The offense for each team can arguable be the “weaker” side of the ball in comparison to their respective defenses. It was clear in the second half whose defense wanted it more— Alabama’s. Not that Clemson’s defensive effort wasn’t enough. It’s just that Bama’s defense dominated Clemson’s offense.

Defense 2; Offense 0— and I’m sure defense will be undefeated after all is said and done.

The two best defensive teams in the country will be competing for the National Championship… and rightly so. Hats off to the SEC for producing a match up of two Juggernauts that are about to beat the brakes off each other.

New Year’s Resolutions Are A Sham

Quick! Someone call “Guinness Book Of World Records” because come January 1st millions of people worldwide will attempt to do the exact same thing— commence their New Year’s resolutions.

It’s the time of year when lists are magnetically fastened to refrigerators, reminders are set to do mild exercises at the most inopportune times, kale smoothies become breakfast, and countless other goals set forth by people wanting, and needing, anywhere from minor to major life changes. We have all been here. Nothing inherently wrong with it.

Recently, a friend asked me if my wife and I are “resolution people”.  I answered with a feeble and unconvincing, “I guess so.”  I had never been asked that question before to be honest.  It’s always been a more direct question like, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”, as if to assume I certainly need any.  I don’t take offense to much, but I could see where a direct question like that could cause a snowflake to melt and evaporate in less than a Planck instant.  “Are you resolution people?”…  I gotta say, it produced some thinking.

I began to realize based off of this question, that though I may set resolutions, I can not truly call myself a “resolution person”.  But come to think of it, does setting resolutions make me, or anyone else, a “resolution person”?  Anyone can make a list and either complete it or not.  What good is a resolution to lose 20 pounds only to put it back on later in the year during the holidays?  Not much of a resolution if you ask me.  The meaning of resolution is; the act or process of resolving; the act of solving.  It is a very direct, absolute word.

Olympic athletes have a resolve. Doctors have a resolve.  Navy Seals have a resolve.  All these people, and of the like, categorically have resolved within themselves to live a certain way; to become certain people; to let nothing stop them on who they intend to be.  The goal isn’t necessarily the resolution. No. The resolution is the person.  True resolutions should be inward. It’s not something you should limit to a list of does and don’ts.  It is something you resolve to become, and furthermore— remain.

We can have our “bucket list” type things to do as New Year’s goals, like skydive or climb Everest.  Those are good, awesome things.  But setting one adventurous goal pales in comparison to resolving to be an adventurous person.  I will forever believe that who we are will always transcend what we do.

This new year, I resolve to become a Person of Resolution.